Live from Riverside DIY Print Fest 2013

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In this live report from Blood-Orange Infoshop in Riverside, California, BFH attends the Riverside DIY Print Fest and tables with Sarah Bitely, the creator of the comic book "Pimpkillah," and her partner Matt. This episode features the music of Land of Ill Earthquakes and includes interviews with Fest and Zineworks organizer Annie Knight, as well as vendors Daniel from MRDR, Sarah from Freeways Collide, Elisebee, and Jen Venegas of "She's Not A Morning Person" zine and the blog There is an interview and spoken word performance from Stacy Russo of Wild Librarian Bakery, and of course, a cameo from special guest star Amber Garza, with updates on her life and wisdom for the ever-deteiorating mental state of this podcast's host.

End Of Year Three

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BFH, Gene & Libby close out the third year of the podcast - a season finale, if you will. As we approach our upcoming summer specials and the start of Shakeytown Year Four, the team looks back at the last year of interviews, tells stories about what happened off microphone, share their recent personal adventures away from the podcast, and chat on the usual tangents about politics, pop culture, and tortured segues and references. Also, featuring the music of Timbre Timbre and Hickey.

Live From Claremont ZineFest (special guest host: Bianca Barragan)

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(photo by Meredith Wallace)

Shakeytown Radio, live from Claremont Zinefest outside of Grove House at Pitzer College, with special guest host Bianca Barragan - 51 minutes

BFH is joined by Bianca Barragan (the writer of the “You Can Trust Me” series of zines and an organizer with L.A. Zine Fest), our special guest host.

This episode includes:

-chats with Raymond Duran from A Shop Called QuestMeredith Wallace from L.A. Zine FestAmber Garza from Zineworks, and the faculty and student organizers of CZF

-reviews of student midterm zines

-stories from Bianca about her years at Pitzer

-a live, on-mic BFH anxiety attack

-lots of songs…

Morrissey - “Alma Matters”

Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson - “Candy”

the music of Glenn Miller

The Beatles - “Twist and Shout”

and The Advice Column doing their version of Bert and Ernie’s “Things That I Remember” for the “Henson Stitch” compilation.

See more pictures from Claremont Zinefest at!

Dylan Brody

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(photo by Cat Gwynn)

Shakeytown Radio Hour: Dylan Brody (1 hr., 36 mins.)

Dylan Brody is a storyteller, humorist, author, columnist, radio personality, recording artist, martial arts master, and all-around good dude. He joins BFH and Bob on the podcast this week to discuss his new album Writ Large, growing up with showbiz in his blood, his prep school adventures and the writing advice that John Irving gave him, coming out to Los Angeles to make it as a comedian and joke writer, and how he evolved on his path as a Purveyor of Fine Words and Phrases. Brody takes the mic and runs with it in this episode, as Shakeytown enjoys its first episode with a long-form story recorded under dangerous audio circumstances.

Featuring the music of another Brody, and her band Spinnerette.

Mike Postalakis

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Shakeytown Radio Hour: Mike Postalakis (1 hr., 25 min.)

Mike Postalakis (Dickheads comedy group, Hugs & Disses podcast) joins us to discuss the quality or lack thereof of street performers, catering celebrity parties, debauchery in the Delta, and the upcoming Night of Storytelling where he'll be sharing quite the tale (we know what it is and we're not telling). This episode features the music of (Young) Pioneers.

Allison Krumwiede

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Allison Krumwiede is an artist, illustrator, zinester, and 80s/90s pop culture devotee.

image This week, she joins BFH, Libby, and Bob to discuss growing up and living in Rancho Cucamonga, buying and selling art on Etsy, being interviewed by ESPN at L.A. Zine Fest (wait, what?!), and we all chat about our favorite donuts and Mormon magnet cities.


We also plug Claremont Zinefest, where Allison, BFH, and our pal Bianca Barragan will be tabling, as well as Bob, BFH, and some previous Shakeytown guests appearing at A Night of Storytelling, and Libby's new favorite Second City show, One City Under Smog.

Live From L.A. Zine Fest 2013

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Shakeytown Radio - Live from L.A. Zine Fest 2013 (34 min, 43 sec)

Brodie, Gene, Libby, and Bob report live from L.A. Zine Fest. Gene chats with Ben Lazarus, who sells his own buttons and his wife Mashanda's zines from the Shakeytown Radio table. Brodie interviews Beth Dean (Black Forest), Alex Wrekk (Stolen Sharpie Revolution, Portland Button Works, Brainscan, Copy Scams, Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine), Adam Scott Paul (L.A. Coffee Club), Claire Palermo (Punk Tree Distro), Sarah Bitely (Pimpkillah), and Elliot Fong (Double Fur Press, Riverside DIY Print Fest). Amber Garza is talked about but never captured on mic. Aziz Ansari does not make a special cameo on the show.

Featuring the music of The Copy Scams.

Adrian Chi (L.A. Zine Fest 2013 preview)

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Adrian Chi is the writer and artist behind "Bite The Cactus" and a musician who has performed both solo and in bands such as Hotel LaRut and Spokenest. She will be on a panel for L.A. Zine Week called THE ZINE TABLE at Pop-Hop Books & Print that BFH is moderating, and tabling at L.A. Zine Fest. Adrian joins BFH, Gene, and Bob to chat about succulents, touring, Balinese music, urban legends, swearing in front of family, and much more. This episode features amazing music from Adrian and her bands, as well as Ike the Cat breathing audibly into the mic, in case you're wondering what that weird noise is.

Keenan Marshall Keller (L.A. Zine Fest 2013 preview, w/ special guest host Jonny)

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Keenan Marshall Keller is a writer, artist, publisher and co-director at Drippy Bone Books, curator, and zinester who joined us a year ago to preview L.A. Zine Fest 2012. He has made his triumphant return to talk about L.A. Zine Fest 2013 and all the events he’ll be participating in or producing the next few weeks, such as the L.A. Art Book Fair, the Le Dernier Cri 20th Anniversary Show at Synchronicity (also the site of the Floating World Animation Fest’s DMTV2), and the L.A. Zine Fest Reading and Rock Spectacular.

Gene and Libby aren’t on this episode, so Bob produced a clone to be a special guest host. Enter Jonny, who has a stunning resemblance to Victor Vector of Man or Astro-man?, and a member of the band Humans (if you’re a fan of that band, or good music in general, there’s a surprise hidden for you in the episode). Keenan, Jonny, BFH, and Bob chat about zines, comics, music, communities in subcultures, collaboration, touring, and their inspirational first album purchases.

Bianca Barragan (L.A. Zine Fest 2013 preview)

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Bianca Barragan (@cocothegorilla) is a writer, journalist, and one of the organizers of L.A. Zine Fest and L.A. Zine Week.

Bianca joins BFH, Gene, Libby, and Bob to preview all the events surrounding the fest and L.A. Zine Week. They all discuss what titles hooked them into zine culture and how the DIY ethic is important for Los Angeles. Bianca also talks about her own writing and experiences in organizing last year's and this year's LAZF. Being that this is The Shakeytown Radio Hour, there are also wild tangents, including about Tim Roth, Bronson Pinchot, sentient garbage, The Barbarian Brothers, and how the Shakeytown Studio bathroom strengthened a friendship.

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