Shakeytown at Eastside Zine Market!

Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on December 10th, 2013

Daisy Noemi and BFH visit the Hazard Park Armory for Eastside Zine Market, which we previewed with Adam Bernales and Yumi Sakugawa in our previous episode. The adventure that ensues is not unlike that old Choose Your Own Adventurebook where our heroes find themselves in Ultima. With Yumi at their side and with the help of trusted Bianca Barragan, they talk with old friends and new - Red Velvet ("Catherinette" zine), Marie ("Things and Such"), MariNaomi (previously), Carrie McNinch ("You Don’t Get There From Here"), Jen Venegas (“She’s Not A Morning Person,”, Brittany and Taylor from Cardio ArtsSara from Freeways Collide, Jared Sams ("SPACEMANDead"), Robert and Amanda from Two Flints, and SamHannah, and Cat from Buttonwillow Comics. Also, featuring the music of Ms. Shapen Figures.

How do you start a podcast with Ian MacKaye and end with Ke$ha? Will Daisy sew her heart out in time? How many names and words will BFH mispronounce and transpose? We answer these questions and more, plus Bianca reveals the secret of the universe. (DO NOT GIVE AWAY THE ENDING OF THIS SHAKEYTOWN RADIO!)

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