Riverside DIY Print Fest 2014

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This is the way the podcast ends. This is the way the podcast ends. Not with a bang, but a gesundheit.

For what is probably the final episode of SHAKEYTOWN RADIO, we make our third annual visit to Riverside for the DIY Print Fest.

Claremont Zinefest 2014

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Brodie returns to Claremont for the second annual Claremont Zinefest! Interviews with Tori Holder, xGRRRLx Zine, Yumi Sakugawa, Raymond Duran, Rusty Jordan, Jen and Aria from Skinned Knees, Suemi Guerra, and more!

L.A Zine Fest 2014 - LIVE!

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This is the live report from L.A. Zine Fest 2014!

41 minutes of zines, zines, and more zines, with all these guests…

Alex Wrekk (Brainscan, Stolen Sharpie Revolution, Portland Button Works)
Aurora Lady (Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt)
Daisy Noemi
Daryl Gussin (Razorcake)
Eleanor Whitney (GROW, Indulgence)
Eryca Sender (My Little Friend)
Kim Burly (Hurricane)
Marya Errin Jones (ABQ Zine Fest)
Meredith Wallace and Simon Sotelo (L.A. Zine Fest)
Neely and Colleen (Mend My Dress Press)
Robey Clark and Ani Raya-Flores (Pop-Hop Books)
Sage Adderley (Sweet Candy) 

L.A. Zine Fest & L.A. Zine Week preview w/ Kenzo Martinez

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L.A. Zine Fest & L.A. Zine Week preview w/ Kenzo Martinez (1 hr, 8 mins)

BFH and L.A. Zine Fest organizer Kenzo (J.U.i.C.E., Pentagram) tell you all about what's coming up for L.A. Zine Week and L.A. Zine Fest! Plus, Alyssa from Interrobang Books phones in to talk about her upcoming releases. Featuring music by Wreck of the Zephyr and Wulfen Rag.

Ashley Quach

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Shakeytown Radio: Ashley Quach (1 hr, 17 mins)

Ashley Quach is a writer and illustrator who publishes at Sassquach.com.

We chat about foot-measuring paraphernalia, goofy existentialist sci-fi, and stunt marriage proposals. Ashley also talks about growing up in North Carolina and attending a school of science and mathematics, how trying to practice Chinese with a pen pal became a great romance, and balancing her interests in screenwriting and filmmaking with comics and zines.

Featuring music by Stompin' Tom Connors.

Shakeytown Radio New Year’s 2014 w/ Cheryl Klein, Lesley Perdomo, Amber Garza & Daisy Noemi

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Shakeytown Radio New Year's 2014 w/ Cheryl Klein, Lesley Perdomo, Amber Garza & Daisy Noemi - 1 hr., 39 mins

Cheryl Klein is an author (The Commuters - City Works Press, Lilac Mines - Manic D Press), new Razorcake columnist, and BFH's new favorite party buddy

Lesley Perdomo is a tattoo artist, madonnara (a.k.a. street painter, chalk artist), and a dear friend of our own delightful and dreamy Daisy Noemi.

Cheryl sits with BFH and Daisy, who have agreed to get matching friendship tattoos ("ZINE LIFE") courtesy of Lesley, and Shakeytown's favorite hard femme, Amber Garza, joins in on their conversation about ink, killer golf balls, car wrecks, assisitive technology, growing up and moving around L.A., the alleged terribleness of Shia LaBeouf, resolutions, sports fans, and Pedro Infante.

Featuring music by the Old 97s.

Shakeytown at Eastside Zine Market!

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Daisy Noemi and BFH visit the Hazard Park Armory for Eastside Zine Market, which we previewed with Adam Bernales and Yumi Sakugawa in our previous episode. The adventure that ensues is not unlike that old Choose Your Own Adventurebook where our heroes find themselves in Ultima. With Yumi at their side and with the help of trusted Bianca Barragan, they talk with old friends and new - Red Velvet ("Catherinette" zine), Marie ("Things and Such"), MariNaomi (previously), Carrie McNinch ("You Don’t Get There From Here"), Jen Venegas (“She’s Not A Morning Person,” SkinnedKnees.net), Brittany and Taylor from Cardio ArtsSara from Freeways Collide, Jared Sams ("SPACEMANDead"), Robert and Amanda from Two Flints, and SamHannah, and Cat from Buttonwillow Comics. Also, featuring the music of Ms. Shapen Figures.

How do you start a podcast with Ian MacKaye and end with Ke$ha? Will Daisy sew her heart out in time? How many names and words will BFH mispronounce and transpose? We answer these questions and more, plus Bianca reveals the secret of the universe. (DO NOT GIVE AWAY THE ENDING OF THIS SHAKEYTOWN RADIO!)

Yumi Sakugawa! Adam Bernales (Seite Books)!

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Yumi Sakugawa is a comic book artist and illustrator, launching her book "I Think I Am In Friend Love With You" at Skylight Books in Los Feliz on Thursday, December 6th. Adam Bernales is a photographer, owner of Seite Books (a bookstore in East L.A.), and organizer of the Eastside Zine Market, which takes place at Hazard Park Armory on Sunday, December 8th. Yumi and Adam join BFH to discuss zines, childhood reading adventures, the bookstore industry, cooperative subcultures, deep platonic love, and nerding out over printing supplies.   

Eleanor Whitney

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Shakeytown Radio: Eleanor Whitney (1 hr, 13 min)

Eleanor Whitney is the zinester behind Indulgence, a co-founder and former organizer of Portland Zine Symposium, the blogger behind killerfemme.com, and the author of Grow: How to Take Your Do It Yourself Project and Passion to the Next Level and Quit Your Job.

BFH chats with Eleanor about her childhood in Portland, Maine, her introduction into the counterculture of the Pacific Northwest and her zine activities in Portland, Oregon, her journey into academia and the professional world in New York City, her adventures as a musician and touring author across the United States, and balancing the excitement of creativity and entrepreneurship with the realities of financial and economical concerns.

photo by Stefano Giovannini

Featuring the music of Corita.

Shakeytown Radio at IE Zine Quest!

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BFH, Daisy Noemi & Rhea (whisperkidL.A. Zine Fest) report live from Augie's Coffee in the Redlands for IE Zine Quest! Interviews with Sarah Bitely ("Pimpkillah"), the Rocket Punch Pirates, Daniel and Vanessa from "Influentza," Sarah and Lowell from "Freeways Collide," Ariel ZitnyTori HolderYumi Sakugawa, and the organizer of IE Zine Quest, Raymond Duran.

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