San Diego Zine Fest (w/ special guest hosts Eryca Sender & Daisy Noemi)

Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on October 9th, 2013

Eryca Sender (L.A. Zine Fest founder, writer of "My Little Friend" & "Dear High School Boy") & artist/photographer Daisy Noemi join BFH for a live scene report from the first-ever San Diego Zine Fest. Listen to interviews with the folks behind Reflekt Magazine, Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go, Crusty Comics, and an organizer of SDZF. We also say hello to our friends Jen Venegas ("She's Not A Morning Person,", Sara & Lowell from Freeways Collide, & Sarah Bitely ("Pimpkillah"). 

Eryca comforts BFH during an anxiety attack by explaining sticker culture. BFH has an emotional experience talking to high school students making zines for the first time. Daisy talks about her background in the San Diego art community & Eryca describes how she got into zines in Chicago. On the drive back to L.A., BFH, Daisy, & Eryca discuss the dudebro manchild phenomenon, dogs off leashes, & TV (or television) crushes.

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