Ryan McKee and Ron Babcock

Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on April 2nd, 2012

Gene George is back from paternity leave! Libby Ward is new to the Shakeytown Radio team! Ron Babcock, who was our third-ever guest, returns for a second appearance! Ryan McKee visits from New York for his first Shakeytown Radio interview!

Before their success on the East and West Coasts, Ryan and Ron founded Modest Proposal, a comedy partnership with a magazine and live show, several years ago in Phoenix, Arizona. On this inebriated episode, Ryan talks about his forest service past and MTV.com present. Ron and Ryan recall their semester at sea, joining comedic forces and becoming zinesters, Brodie's involvement with ModProp, and breaking up the band. Also, embarrassing personal stories about Ron, Ryan, Brodie, and all the romantic partners they fought with, or fought for, or fought over with each other.

Featuring the music of Pissed. (RIP Joel) [photo: Profane Existence] Info about making donations to Joel's family can be found at RememberingJoelOlson on Facebook.

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