Karen Kilgariff

Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on March 21st, 2011

Karen Kilgariff is a comedian, writer, singer/songwriter/musician, producer, and actress who was a cast member on “Mr. Show With Bob and David” and “The Book Group,” as well as the head writer of “Ellen.” She is working on a new CD with her comedic songs, two of which she performs live on this episode, recorded on St. Patrick’s Day. Karen, Gene, and Brodie talk about Irishness, dread on the college circuit, Gene’s mom (who makes not one, but TWO cameos), fake band names, what “Mr. Show” was almost named instead, and the glory that is Little Richard. Karen regularly appears at Akbar, 4356 West Sunset Boulevard, and will be performing Tuesday, March 22. The show is $5.

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