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San Diego Zine Fest (w/ special guest hosts Eryca Sender & Daisy Noemi)

Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on October 9th, 2013

Eryca Sender (L.A. Zine Fest founder, writer of "My Little Friend" & "Dear High School Boy") & artist/photographer Daisy Noemi join BFH for a live scene report from the first-ever San Diego Zine Fest. Listen to interviews with the folks behind Reflekt Magazine, Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go, Crusty Comics, and an organizer of SDZF. We also say hello to our friends Jen Venegas ("She's Not A Morning Person,", Sara & Lowell from Freeways Collide, & Sarah Bitely ("Pimpkillah"). 

Eryca comforts BFH during an anxiety attack by explaining sticker culture. BFH has an emotional experience talking to high school students making zines for the first time. Daisy talks about her background in the San Diego art community & Eryca describes how she got into zines in Chicago. On the drive back to L.A., BFH, Daisy, & Eryca discuss the dudebro manchild phenomenon, dogs off leashes, & TV (or television) crushes.

Raymond Duran

Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on September 30th, 2013

Raymond Duran is on the podcast this week to chat about his roles with IE Zine Quest, a zine fest celebrating the Inland Empire that also includes visitors from L.A. (like FAIR DIG and Daisy Noemi!), and the comic book store A Shop Called Quest. Ray and BFH discuss how Anthropologie and their sweet, sweet candles brought them together, being old men at underground shows, the potential of the DC Comics movie franchises, the joys of being a collector, and all the vendors you can expect to see on Saturday, November 2 at Augie's Coffeehouse in Redlands CA for IE Zine Quest!


Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on September 23rd, 2013

MariNaomi is an author and illustrator, combining her talents as a writer and an artist to tell stories of "love, sex, failure [and] hope." She published the zine "Estrus Comics" for ten years, as well as produced work in others mediums, such as painting and collage. Her first book, "Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22" came out in 2011 as she began a tour with the feminist literary collective Sister Spit, and she is working on her second book, "Turning Japanese."

Mari joins BFH on the podcast to discuss the pivotal role Ron Paul played in her life (well, at least the very first part), growing up in the Bay Area and her struggles as an independent artist, and her more recent roles in academia and mentoring. They also chat about hostess bars, "Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever," hanging out with Armisted Maupin on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and tongue baths from animal friends (hear one live on the air!). 

Featuring the music of The The.

Katy Goodman (La Sera, Vivian Girls)

Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on September 9th, 2013

Katy Goodman is a singer and bassist for her own project, La Sera, as well as collaborating for the last several years with Vivian Girls, in addition to appearances with other bands. She joins Brodie and Libby in the new Shakeytown Studio, on a hill looking over Los Angeles' eastside, to discuss the deceptive difficulty of Misfits songs, college diplomas that may or may not exist, computer coding and other scientific pursuits, the influence of hardcore music and Riot Grrl on her work, and the evil genius of Kim Dotcom. The songs on this episode are from Katy's aforementioned bands, as well as her project with Greta Morgan (Hush Sound, Gold Motel) called The Books of Love.

Libby Ward & Bob Schriner interview Will Kistler!

Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on August 5th, 2013

Will Kistler is a character animator who has had his share of his own podcasts, both Japan!c TV and Secondhand Storytime, and collaborated with our own Libby on the short "A Slow Day In Comedy."

Bob sits in at Shakeytown Studio C with Libby as she asks Will about his early influences as a kid going to the movies, honing his craft on public access television as a teenager, working in 3D animation as an adult, and the career that is taking him out of the United States.

Libby and Bob also chat with Will about breaking into creationist museums, dealing with both fun and terrible directors, and gay rights and devil chickens.

Freeways Collide’s Int’l Zine Month event at Space 15 Twenty, w/ special guest co-host Daisy Noemi

Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on July 29th, 2013

The delightful and dreamy Daisy Noemi, an artist, illustrator, and photographer, is BFH's special guest cohost for an episode recorded from Freeways Collide's International Zine Month event at Space 15 Twenty. They chat with Dustin GarciaSara from Freeways Collide, and the folks from Sleep Talk PressMC Sunflower Jones Productions, and InfluentzaBianca closes the show with guest Matt Walsh (Bugliens) and a bunch of dogs running around. There's complaints about heat and parking fees, positive stuff about DIY art and the zine community, celebrity lookalikes, cold beverages, talking trash about people we hated in high school who are now definitely or presumably dead, and Daisy transitions from princess to this decade's new action movie star.

Aurora Lady

Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on July 22nd, 2013

Aurora Lady ( is a true artist, and in this episode, BFH, Libby & Bob chat with her about living an artist's life. They talk girl pop vision, zine heroes and teen magazines, the best newspaper mascots, the artist's ego & author intent versus audience impact. There's also an abundant amount of talk about food & even a rhetorical analysis of the new Miley Cyrus video.

Shakeytown @ Soundpaint

Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on July 16th, 2013

Brodie goes to the Airliner for the Soundpaint event presented by Late Night Laggers and Magic Garage, with a postcard exchange and zine library hosted by L.A. Zine Fest. Brodie finally talks to Rhea (LAZF, Family Dinner Radio, Whisper Kid) for the first time on air, and, oh my, has she had a day. Also, interviews with The Drawing Club, Marjorie of Magic Garage, artist and filmmaker Zara Bloom, Jeff of Common Genus zine, Matt of many musical projects, including Bugliens, and artist Roxanne Morataya. Brodie chats and hangs up pictures with our old friend Simon Sotelo, and pledges a blood oath with the newest Team Shakeytown member, Bianca Barragan.


Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on July 8th, 2013

Independence Day is over but the revolution in Shakeytown is just beginning. This week, Brodie Foster Hubbard tries something different from the usual format, though very traditional in the world of radio. It's just BFH, a lot of songs for the July 4th party we didn't get around to having, and some stories about hometowns, bad last calls in Palm Springs, beautiful strangers answering the door, and Mike Ness' idiosyncrasies.

Also, some info about upcoming events with Shakeytown Radio, Fair DigL.A. Zine Fest, and Freeways Collide.

Shakeytown Summer Solstice Supermoon Special w/ Simon Sotelo

Posted in DefaultTag by shakeytownradio on June 24th, 2013

Simon Sotelo ( is an artist and illustrator, one of the hosts of Family Dinner Radio on, and an L.A. Zine Fest organizer. She joins BFH, Gene, Bob, and birthday gal Libby to talk about summertime, print art, the creative process, dating professional hobos, marionettes, songs about dog-related mysteries, and cult aesthetics.

Also featuring the music of The Undertones.

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